My illustration work covers a lot of ground.  From sketches to color comps and storyboards, on to tight, finished color illustrations. From caricatures to quick sketches and cartoons, in a variety of styles. Drawn with my digits or digitally drawn. Pencil, pen, brush and the Mac.

Tasty Headline
Buckle Up
Roofing 'Code'
Boxed In
Face Time
Shipping Shape
Fowl Ball
T-Shirt Warriors
Dream Job
The Big Picture
Power & Style
Jay Hawkin'
Fashion Line
Tooning Flavors
Key Concept
Map Quest
Atomic Hues
Mooving Performances
LOOK! Up in the sky, it's . . .
Thrifty Air
Card Trick
Order Up!
Barking Order
"Yo Gurt!"
Booming Biz
Big Money
Power Play
Bank Job
Thrifty B.C.
Bayer 101
Hula Girl
Writer's Block
Move 'Em Out!
Hammer Time!
Boxed Set
The Cutaway
Inspired Visit
Driving Tips

 Imagination is more important  than knowledge.- Albert Einstein 1929


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Inspired Visit

And yes, this IS an illustration. Just for fun, a spire of KC's Bartle Hall was completely re-illustrated in Photoshop, then placed over a background photo, taken of a KC sky and color-adjusted.